Prototyping and
Production Services

Apply our standard design methodologies to your next product development


Industry standard PC/104 form factor.  Compliant to the PC/104 standard ensuring consistent system packaging.

Long term product life via third-party hardware compatibility and ongoing product upgrades and enhancements.  We are committed to delivering long life cycle products.

Wide operating temperature range of -40oC to +85oC is standard. No up rating, no hassles.

All designs are tantalum free specifically for aerospace applications.

LED status indicator. Great for development and field service. Life gets easier.

Polarized I/O connectors. No blown systems, no hassles.



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Prototyping and Production Services


Fast Delivery


Apex Embedded Systems can provide quick-turn prototyping or production in as little as one week.  We also offer normal production lead times for on-going production.



No Tooling or Setup Fees


Save time and money on low production volumes including prototype runs. If your product designs must change with the market, we can work with that too. We can assemble surface mount components to 0.015 inch lead-pitch and discrete components down to 0402 body size. 



Specialty Services


Apex Embedded Systems can accommodate very special assembly requirements to fit precision designs including:

Special solder materials including lead-free, silver, etc.

NIST traceability on production testing and product calibration.

Test logs for complex design tracking and design confirmation. 



Technical Staff


We have highly skilled people to support your product in all phases of production, from design through production. Our staff is ready to help make your product a success. If you are successful, we are too.


Send us your requirements and we will tell you what we can do.    Contact us via email