Design Migration Services

Apply our standard design methodologies to your next product development


Industry standard PC/104 form factor.  Compliant to the PC/104 standard ensuring consistent system packaging.

Long term product life via third-party hardware compatibility and ongoing product upgrades and enhancements.  We are committed to delivering long life cycle products.

Wide operating temperature range of -40oC to +85oC is standard. No up rating, no hassles.

All designs are tantalum free specifically for aerospace applications.

LED status indicator. Great for development and field service. Life gets easier.

Polarized I/O connectors. No blown systems, no hassles.



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Design Migration Services



 Looking to update an old or obsolete electronic product?


 Have a product that has no design documentation?


 Have a product that contains obsolete parts?


 We can help!


Updating an old product design is reasonably straight forward process where we utilize customer specifications and old product examples to migrate the old product design to a newly updated design.  We can provide virtually any type of design update you require which can include integration of old functionality plus adding additional functionality.  In some cases we have been able to provide a high level of functional integration.


In some design update cases a combination of custom solutions and off the shelf solutions can be used to bring the product to market faster. 


Further, we can use our standard product baseline as a mechanism to spring-board your design update allowing for more rapid prototyping and design validation.  It is common to use our standard products for software development and algorithm validation, while the final hardware design is in progress.


Send us your requirements and we will tell you what we can do.   Contact us via email