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The STX104.

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    Big Features:STX104 is a pc104 16-channel A/D and 2-channel D/A pc/104 card.

  • Transient data recording without the need for interrupts is possible thanks to the large one mega-sample buffer in PC/104!

  • Is your system out of interrupt or DMA resources?  No problem, high speed data acquisition without interrupts is possible thanks to the large one mega-sample buffer

  • Register set compatible with DAS16jr/16 and DAS1602/16 offering broad software compatibility

  • Example software available to quickly integrate into your embedded software solution

  • 16-bit analog inputs and outputs

  • 200,000 samples per second

  • 16-sample moving average filter

  • 8- or 16-bit data read-out offers maximum PC/104 bandwidth utilization

  • PC/104 read and write status LED 

  • Interrupts every 512 samples or once per burst possible

  • GPS PPS supported via TTL trigger input

  • Analog inputs protected to 35 volts.

  • Small PC/104 form factor

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STX104 Details

STX104-ND Details

(without analog outputs)

STX104 PC104 Product Brief

    Use Existing Software Now!

  • Register set offers immediate third party software driver support.  The STX104 is directly compatible with the DAS16jr/16 and the DAS1602/16.

  • Linux driver available, please call for details.

    STX104 offers a zero risk migration

     path from existing legacy cards.

    Data Transfers are Fast & Reliable!

  • 200,000 samples per second without interrupts or DMA! 

  • Interrupt latency problems with software a thing of the past.

  • Power reduction now possible by putting the rest of your system to sleep while the STX104 is collecting data.



  • Test and measurement

  • Rocketry

  • Positioning

  • Vibration analysis

  • Physical sciences

  • Airborne

  • Seismic monitoring

  • Engine testing

  • Sonar

  • Oceanography

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Spectroscopy

  • Chromatography

  • Physiology




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  • Wide operating temperature range of -40oC to +85oC is standard. No up rating, no hassles.

  • All designs are tantalum free specifically for aerospace applications.

  • LED PC/104 read/write status. Great for debug and field service. Life gets easier.

  • Polarized I/O connectors. No more blown systems, no hassles.