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Industry standard PC/104 form factor.  Compliant to the PC/104 standard ensuring consistent system packaging.

Long term product life via third-party hardware compatibility and ongoing product upgrades and enhancements.  We are committed to delivering long life cycle products.

Wide operating temperature range of -40oC to +85oC is standard. No up rating, no hassles.

All designs are tantalum free specifically for aerospace applications.

LED status indicator. Great for development and field service. Life gets easier.

Polarized I/O connectors. No blown systems, no hassles.



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Contract Engineering Services


Since 1992 we have been providing electronic contract engineering design services to our customers.  We have provided engineering services at variety of levels that meet customer needs.   We offer customers engineering resources without long term cost commitments. 


Technology Experiences:

We have the standard design capabilities including analog, digital, printed circuit board layout and software design.  Our more unique design capabilities include:

  Precision high-resolution analog front-ends from 16-bits to 24-bits (real engineering bits)
  High speed ADC front-ends, from 200KSPS to 20MSPS typical.
  Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  High density digital design utilizing Xilinx, Actel, Altera or Atmel FPGAs
  PC/104, ISA, PCMCIA, PCI, VXI, VME and CAMAC bus technologies
  Environmental temperature drift design validation
 Switching power supply DC-DC design
  Software or hardware protocol stacks
  Fast track prototyping and small production runs (read more...)
  Efficient production test fixturing
  Software/hardware design tradeoffs
  Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) analysis
  L-Band receivers

Hardware Experiences:

  Apex has been developing and manufacturing high resolution analog front-ends since 1998.  OEM designs from 16 bits to 24 bits are typical.  Additional digital signal processing subsystems have been developed and precision front-ends that accept +/-10 volt input signals.

  Precision current sources with dynamic range of 23-bits.
  FPGA/CPLD experiences (partial list):
     100 MHz Counter/Timers
     Time-to-Digital Converters
     ADC/DAC SPI interfaces
     PCMCIA Card Interface (PC-CARD 95 compliant)
     PWM controllers
     Quadrature encoder counters including quadrature, BISS and EnDAT
     Asynchronous 16450 UART compatible
     Watchdog timers
     scalable word size SPI serial interface
     video controllers to drive QVGA panels
     variety of over-samplers to 400 mega-samples per second
     dual-ported and multi-port memory controllers
     AM demodulators
     PS/2 compliant printer port
     video raster scan generators
     multiplexed LED display drivers
     112-bit floating point processor with 96-bit mantissa
     GPS PPS counters
     Multi-channel data aquisition controllers
     Apex has developed special fiber-optic communications links running at 300 megabits per second. 
  Apex has developed digital quadrature detectors and high speed DSP filtering for special software radio applications, utilizing FPGA technology as well as AD6600/AD6620 family of parts.
  We have both hardware and software design experiences with the following microprocessors and microcontrollers:  x86, TMS320C50/C542 DSP, PICs, PicoBlaze, 8051, 2901 bit-slice, Z80, 6800, 6502, 1802 and specials. 

Software Experiences:

  C/C++ embedded real-time and C/C++ GUI applications
  Custom compilers
  TMS320C542 Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  Automatic code generators
  Automated Server Pages (ASP) and html
  Graphical User Interfaces using Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0
  DLLs and DOS applications written using PowerBasic
  PEG GUI tools for applications that run in DOS but look like windows applications
  Excel scripts for data automation
  PowerPCB and PowerLogic VBscripts for design automation
  Sophisticated calibration applications
  Real-time kernels
  Serial protocol stacks
  Special configured embedded DOS and custom BIOS for x86 hardware.
  Embedded GUI using eMbedded Visual Basic for Windows CE
  Heterogeneous PCB panelization scripts

Special Equipment/Tools:

  Environmental temperature chamber from -60oC to +300oC
  Metrology voltage source capable of 8.5-digits (27-bits)
  Signal generators to 2.6 GHz

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