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Apex Embedded Systems delivers a higher standard in ruggedized COTs PC/104 products.   Meet our product family...

DAQ - Analog I/O High Current Digital I/O
Six Analog Outputs
16-bit Analog I/O (ADC/DACs).  Supported by many third party software tools.
Digital I/O.  Supported by many third party software tools.
16-bit Analog Outs (DACs).  Supported by many third party software tools.

...and get the job done!

Get the job done faster by using existing third party software tools  (that you probably already have).  Our PC/104 cards are software superset compatible with other existing PC/104 cards, thus offering a hardware solution which supports second sourcing and zero risk software implementation.  Linux drivers and other example code are available.

Tested to meet or exceed -40oC to +85oC operating temperature range. 

Save development headaches, we provide one-on-one assistance to make sure your integration is a success.  We can help you get the job done.

Save time, our ruggedized COTs PC/104 products are in stock and ready to work for you! 

Save money, our products are very competitively priced and you will spend less labor in getting things running.

Need transient data recording in a PC104 deeply embedded environment?  Interrupt latencies killing your project?  Go here...


Buy products and take advantage of bundled offers hereWe accept all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  We accept Google Checkout and PayPal.   Product typically ships within 48 hours of order placement. 


We are willing to customize our product to fit your unique application.  Sometimes more hardware is not the answer.  Sometimes an appropriate twist in the hardware solution will result in a more efficient software implementation.


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  • Wide operating temperature range of          -40oC to +85oC is standard. No up rating, no hassles.

  • All designs are tantalum free specifically for aerospace applications.

  • LED Status. Great for debug and field service. Life gets easier.

  • Polarized I/O connectors. No blown systems, no hassles.

Wide industrial rated operating temperatures


  STX104-ND        16-BIT ANALOG IN

  • 16 Analog Inputs

  • One Mega-sample FIFO

  • 200,000 Samples/sec

  • Low Noise

  • 8/16-Bit Data Transfers

  • DAS16/1602 Compatibility

  • COTS pc104 compliant

  • Trigger input compatible with GPS PPS output.

Zero risk...get the job done!

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  SUMMIT               16-BIT ANALOG OUT

  Apex has developed special fiber-optic communications links running at 300 megabits per second. 

  Apex has developed digital quadrature detectors and high speed DSP filtering utilizing FPGA technology as well as AD6600/AD6620 family of parts.  We can design, validate and manufacture very high speed analog front-ends.

  Apex has been developing and manufacturing high resolution analog front-ends since 1998.  OEM designs from 16 bits to 24 bits are typical.  Additional digital signal processing subsystems have been developed. High resolution analog front-ends that accept +/-10 volt input signals have also been developed.

  Apex has developed video controllers to drive QVGA LCD panels.

  • 6 Analog Outputs

  • DDA06 Compatibility

  • DAC Status Superset

  • 8/16-Bit Data Transfers

  • 24 Digital I/O

  • Opto-22 Rack Comp.

  • COTS PC/104 compliant

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  • Get maximum results in the the shortest possible time by using our value added engineering services to customize our standard PC104 products.  Read more... 

  • Do you have an old or obsolete design which you need to bring to current technology?  Read more...

  • We have helped many clients over the years to deliver custom product solutions.  We are willing to help in any phase of product development from concept to production.  Read more...

  • Apex delivers prototyping and production quantities of your custom solution.  Read more...

  • 48 Digital I/O

  • 65 Milliamp Outputs

  • LED Logic State Probe

  • 8255 Compatibility

  • 8254 Compatibility

  • Interrupt Selection

  • COTS PC/104 compliant

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